s/v TWIG

Saga 43 - Hull #39

Raising Sails


  • Loosen vang and Main sheet (open clutch and take off self tailing winch).
  • Prepare halyard (open clutch & attach to main sail)
  • Ensure all 3 reef clutches, outhaul and boom vang are open
  • Open bimini windows to visualize mast and sail track
  • Position boat head to wind
  • Engage auto pilot if short handed
  • Halyard on to winch (4 or 5 turns, self tailer) & hoist sail (power winch may be used until final foot)
  • Spotter for battens on lazy jacks or other issues
  • Winch to tension, manually crank last foot.
  • Bear away.
  • Close clutches (outhaul, vang and reefs)
  • Adjust outhaul and vang.
  • Always ease main sheet with two turns on the winch before opening the clutch.
  • Adjust traveler as needed
  • Run and coil halyard, drop down companionway

Engine Shutdown

  1. Close the throttle to slow idle.
  2. Place the gear shift in neutral.
  3. Stop the engine by depressing red stop button on Yanmar panel on SB side of cockpit coaming.
  4. Turn engine panel key to OFF.
  5. Before reaching 3 kts, shift transmission to reverse position momentarily and then back to neutral. This feathers the prop and prevents “free wheeling.”
  6. Continue running engine blower for 5 min. (or longer) after engine shutdown to cool down engine compartment and eliminate fumes.


  • If close-hauled a barber hauler is rigged to the jib.

Downwind Preventer

A Ultra-High Modulus Polyethylene (Dyneema/Spectra) pendent is fitted to both sides of the boom. The pendent is made fast to a pad eye with a soft-eye cow hitch.

  • Attach tether to mast hard-point.
  • Run extender line from cockpit (same side as boom) through one toe-rail block around shrouds throw forwardmost toe-rail chock/fairlead and then back aft around shrouds.
  • Remove pendent from base of boom and attach to extender line shackle.
  • If the appropriate strength extender line is without a shackle the line is passed through the soft eye at the end of the pendent and a stopper knot is made on the bitter end of the extender line. No bowline shall be used anywhere in the preventer setup.

Unfurling Headsail

  • Flake out furling line on cockpit sole
  • Windward (lazy) sheet loose
  • Uncleat furling sheet and maintain tension
  • Heave on leeward sheet
  • Coil & stow remaining line on life line
  • Trim headsail