s/v TWIG

Saga 43 - Hull #39

Abandon Ship

Never abandon a floating vessel without orders from the Captain.

When the order to abandon ship is given, the following duties will be assigned:

Crew Person 1

  1. Grab neon green ACR (mounted above chart table) food ditch bag and 2 black MSR 10 liter dromedary bags (under chart table).
  2. Detach ACR EPIRB from above chart table and place in food ditch bag pocket.
  3. Grab handheld VHF radios, phones, tablets and place in food ditch bag.
  4. Grab flashlights, headlamps, sound signals, anything useful from locker just fwd of chart table.
  5. Follow MAYDAY distress call procedures. (Distress button on VHF and SSB followed with voice on VHF 16 and both 2182, 4125 (channel 1) on SSB.)
  6. Activate ACR EPIRB that’s been connected to GPS above chart table that is now placed in food ditch bag.
  7. Ready food ditch bag by attaching a water bag

Crew Person 2

  1. Remove contents from liferaft locker. It’s the forwardmost cockpit locker on the starboard side. Ready plastic flare container and ditch bag that are next to the liferaft.
  2. Deploy the life raft, ensuring that it is secured to the boat.

Crew Person 3

  1. Grab passports, and boat documentation.
  2. Grab phones, tablets, USB battery pack and put in food ditch bag.
  3. As time permits, secure extra water, floatation cushions, paddles, food, blankets, logbook, and selected personal items.

ALL Crew

  1. Put on lifejackets and properly secure leg straps.
  2. Board life raft and secure harnesses.
  3. Activate 2nd (older) EPIRB 6-12 hours later from ditch bag.