s/v TWIG

Saga 43 - Hull #39

Garbage Disposal

The Captain and crew will abide by all guidelines for overboard discharge as outlined by the US Coast Guard Regulations posted aboard the vessel.

Non Recyclables

Collected and stored in the waste receptacle, lined with a plastic bag, located under the galley sinks.


Collected and stored in the plastic basket under the galley sink and bagged as necessary.


Collected and sealed in a plastic bag located in the main head or chopped and thrown overboard as rules/laws allow.

Overflow Storage

Full bags will be removed and stored in the lazarette and/or dinghy until a proper disposal site is available. Most often overflow is recycling. Research and patience is often needed before we find a place to bring recycling.


Stored full bags will be removed from the boat and carried ashore for deposit in designated receptacles, at approved sites when docked, moored or at anchor.