s/v TWIG

Saga 43 - Hull #39


Steering Mechanism Breakdown

If the steering mechanism becomes inoperable, the boat can be steered by means of the autopilot or emergency tiller. The emergency tiller is located in the lazarette, in the aft starboard corner. After retrieving the emergency tiller, open the round stainless steel plate covering the upper rudder bearing. There is a “key” located in the removable helm seat bench. The round plate is located just aft of the helm, in the short walkway between the cockpit and stern. Insert key and rotate counter-clockwise. Once unscrewed, insert the square tiller base section into the appropriate slot. Be prepared for strenuous upper body exertion when using the emergency tiller.

Loss of Rudder Function

If there is a total loss of rudder function, steering will be accomplished by sail balance and water resistance. As soon as it is determined that the rudder is inoperable, attach two 20-30ft lines to a drag-producing device. Two sturdy black rubber buckets are located in the lazarette. There is also a small parachute drogue in the starboard life raft locker that will create much greater drag and slow the boat dramatically. The water resistance device will be deployed after attaching one line to the starboard aft cleat and the other to the port. To steer starboard the starboard line will need to be made shorter thereby pulling more on that side. Steering to port requires more resistance pulling on the port side. The lines on the buckets/drogue will continue to be manipulated in such a way as to cause friction in the desired direction. Manipulation of the buckets is to be coordinated with sail trim to maintain the boat in the plotted direction. If needed, use a rolling hitch to attached another line to the line needing tension and bring to a winch.

Two long carbon fiber oars are also located in the lazarette. If conditions allow they can be used to aid in steering by dragging the blade on either side of the boat. This action is similar to how the person in the back of a canoe makes dramatic steering changes.