s/v TWIG

Saga 43 - Hull #39

Lowering Sails

Furling Headsail

  • Bear away to a run
  • Ease main sheet
  • Blanket headsail
  • Haul on furling line, maintaining slight tension on both sheets for an even furl. Coil furling line and stow on railing line holder.
  • Coil and stow sheets

Lowering Main

  • Flake out halyard in cockpit
  • Position boat head to wind
  • Tension halyard winch and open clutch
  • Take halyard out of self taller and let drop, monitor to ensure it doesn’t get hung up Sheet in to secure boom, center traveler
  • Tidy up lines and sail in Stack Pack
  • Remove halyard from mainsail and stow on railing, retension halyard and close clutch
  • Zip up Stack Pack