s/v TWIG

Saga 43 - Hull #39

Daily Schedule


  • Anchor/navigation lights off.
  • Water pressure pump on.
  • Engine checks (strainer, coolant, v-belt, oil.
  • Gather news & weather.
  • Passage plan for the day.


  • 1700 turn on anchor/navigation.
  • Water pressure pump off.


  • Limit water use. 2 gallons per person per day. Exceptions are sometimes made when tanks are full, batteries and full and watermaker is functioning.
  • Nothing but human waste, water and up to 8 squares of toilet paper allowed in the head. If you haven’t eaten it first, it doesn’t go down the toilet.


Leave On

  • LPG Control - Powers gas sensors.
  • VHF - Powers AIS. Turn off radio using buttons on head unit or cockpit remote.
  • 12V Outlets
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer